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Company registration : 500292-x



Kamal Engineering Sdn Bhd started business as a Construction and Engineering Company Incorporated on 1st. December 1999.

The company grows at a steady pace, started with small awarded contract and now spearheading for medium and large scale contract. In line with core business the company also participate in consultancy services for Project Management especially in construction and engineering related field, and also engage in Maintenance Management as well.

The company’s corporate philosophy is to optimize its resources to carry out the construction job awarded, conduct project viability studies, investment appraisal, and handle project implementation, management & construction with Innovative, Creative and  Professional  work ethics.

Kamal Engineering Sdn Bhd plays a significant role in bringing in new construction technology in Project Management and construction methodology to create a “win-win” situation  for  its clients,  public  and  the  company  itself.


Kamal Engineering Sdn Bhd strive to ensure that construction and installation projects undertaken are successfully executed within the cost and time framework as well as to the quality and expectations of our clients. These are the priorities that we have set upon ourselves and we will do everything within our means to achieve these objectives.

Every task is a challenge, be it a simple and straight forward as the construction of a conventional building or infrastructure works, to the more complex and high-tech building or facilities. We conduct our work systematically and diligently, applying established methods and procedures, proven tools and guidelines and ensure that all health, safety and environment aspects are not compromised.