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Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad awarded an Upgrading and Modification Works contract for the expansion of the Terminal Building of Langkawi International Airport


Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad


Langkawi, Kedah

Completion Year


Airport Building and Exterior Facade

The project generally involves the expansion of the gross floor area of the terminal building from 15,000m² to 23,000m² with the intention to enhance operational efficiency, by upgrading their facilities. 

lgk side elev 1.JPG
lgk shade c.JPG
lgk shade 2.JPG

Interior Details

The interior design of the Langkawi International Airport was upgraded alongside the expansion of the airport. The refurbishment part of this project involved the addition of immigration and security check-in counters, upgraded boarding gates, departure and arrival halls and renovated washrooms. Commercial spaces such as retail stores and dining facilities were also developed to upgrade the airport facilities.

holding lounge 1_edited.jpg
holding lounge 2_edited.jpg
international depart 3_edited.jpg
holding lounge 4_edited.jpg
Toilet 1_edited.jpg
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