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About Us

Kamal Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is a Construction and Engineering company registered and established in the year of 1999. Kamal Engineering, or more commonly known as KESB is currently thriving and simultaneously growing at a steady pace in the industry, with a line of professionals superintending the company. Based in the capital city of Malaysia, KESB kicked off with small awarded contracts and currently spearheading for medium to large-scale contracts, with enough diligence and initiative to deliver their best service. 


Kamal Engineering specializes in construction, renovation and interior works, alongside maintenance management. The company has had experiences in commercial, residential, institutional and infrastructure construction projects. The company's corporate philosophy is to optimise its resources to carry out the projects awarded, conduct project viability assessments, investment appraisal, and handle project implementation, management and construction with innovative, creative and professional work ethics.


Kamal Engineering plays a significant role in bringing in new construction technology in project management and construction methodology to create a "win-win" situation for its clients, the public and the company itself. The company believes that the team are equipped for bigger challenges to continue striving in the industry, albeit being considered as a young contender in the field. 

Our Expertise



With a long history within the construction industry, Kamal Engineering presents a full-range, high-value with massive variety in constructing a building. We give our best commitment from pre-construction to the core point of construction up until post-construction.

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Renovations &
Interior Fit-Out

We consider ourselves a competent player in the Interior Fit-Out playing field. By having professional, detail-oriented talent and a universal reach for resources, we are confident in fulfilling our clients' interior desires by liaising with consultants and designers.


Mechanical & Electrical

Specialised in every aspect of Mechanical and Electrical services, Kamal Engineering is committed to offer the most innovative, cost-effective and tech-advanced solutions to their clients. 

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